Tuesday, September 27, 2011


After our scouting yesterday we went back today to really take in Oktoberfest. We wandered around the grounds again to see things during the day.
This was one of the smaller beer halls. Not too many people as we got there around 11am, only an hour after the grounds opened.
I believe my words when I saw this giant metal lady were: "What the crap for crap, that thing is huge!" This is my first exposure to these sort of sights in Europe. This picture doesn't even come close to doing it justice. To get an idea of scale, look at the people sitting at the bottom. Even with that there is something very different about actually being here and seeing it close up. It'll be interesting when we see grander and grander sights. (Dad saying "I can visit it via the computer" doesn't even come close. It's like saying you've experienced driving a car because you watched it on TV.)
FYI: This statue is of Bavaria (the lady's name), the protector of the region, standing next to a lion, the symbol of the region.
At the top of the monument you get a really nice view of one side of the Oktoberfest grounds.
But enough looking around, it's time for beer and pretzels! We grabbed a table with a few other out-of-towners. One couple from the USA, the other from China. Great beer (yes those are 1 full liter mugs). Many a "PROST!" were had as we clinked glasses.
Music was provided by a live Oompah band.
You could also order varioius wurst (sausage) which usually comes with sauerkraut.
A handful of rowdy hours later we were done our couple rounds of beer (final round was a sprite/beer mix called a Radler which was very yummy).
Had to take a quick snap shot by one of the old fashioned beer wagons pulled by a team of horses.
And then we said "Auf Wiedersehen" to Oktoberfest to tour around the rest of Munich.

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