Monday, September 26, 2011

Well, we landed safe and sound in Muich. Was a long 10 hours flight and neither Ashley or I got any sleep. A simple case of not being able to get comfortable. AirBerlin was a great airline. Figured it would be cattle car the whole way since it's a discount airline, so we prepared for the worst. We got two decent meals, a handful of drink tea/coffee carts, wine with meals, a hot towel to wake up before breakfast and landing, and a bag of goodies including: eye mask, earplugs, socks, blanket, and pillow.

On the first night decided to head down to Oktoberfest to check it out. It was a huge fair with drinking and carnival games. The odd stumbler, but almost a family atmosphere. Great times.

This grand building was our way point for finding our way back to CVJM where we are staying. Love Europe for random wonderful buildings like this.

Ashley and I are both totally zonked. We got up at 5:30am and kept going for over 26 hours straight. Our rooms were delayed for cleaning so we ended up crashing in the small chapel room as it was dark and relatively quite. Finally got into our rooms at 4:00pm Munich time (7am next day canada time). So going to bed and then back to Oktoberfest to try our luck inside one of the beer tents. Prost!


  1. So wonderful to read this and speak briefly to Owen. Take it easy for a few days!

    love you

  2. Awesome! Glad you two are capturing this in a blog. Ok, now for some serious re-setting of your sleep cycle. Expect two days of the dreaded 4hr afternoon naps, avoid if at all possible!