Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Berlin Flat

We have had a couple people ask us to show them out little apartment. So here it is! A very quick photo tour.
This is the front door and our entrance hall way. To the right is another small hall way that leads to the bathroom.
If you turn around, you are in the main room. First you see the bed (seperate duvets seems to be a Europe thing).

A small sitting area and TV. Behind the red drapes are full length window, with ledges. We took these photos at night. Behind the rightmost drape is a small outdoor patio, just enough room for a bistro table and two chairs.

Following the far wall to the left, is a small kitchen nook. A sink, stove, little oven and table for two. More than enough for us.

This is the bathroom.

And we had friends over for Canadian Thanksgiving!

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  1. This is a wonderful tour of your place! I think it's charming. And I guess you won't fight over the covers if you have separate duvets!

  2. Yes, separate duvets are a European thing. In Holland the beds even have separate matrices, like two twin beds designed to hook together. Very versatile, I'm sure, but there's a ditch down the middle of the bed.