Sunday, October 23, 2011

Chocolate Museum

Some of our family and friends back home were really excited about a chocolate factory in Cologne. We were too! Reading about it, it seemed interesting; and yummy!

We arrived. At the front there was a not-really-only-kind-of-to-scale replica of Noah's Ark. Probably not a good sign. I smell tourist trap.

There was lots of chocolate in their mini factory.

I found the machines kind of interesting. Always find assembly line machinery interesting.

There was also a lovely chocolate fountain where you could get your small token wafer dipped in it.

There was some memorabilia surrounding chocolate. But that is the end of the semi interesting things. Really not worth the money or time.
The majority of the exhibits had writing most likely composed by the curators themselves. Massive amounts of text filled with superfluous material. Some of them went so far to explain what inventory lot number the item belongs in. Gee thanks. If I'm ever asked to put anything away I'll have all the information I need. Oh they did try to spruce up some of it by putting the blobs of text behind doors you opened, or slide out panels. Although the slide out panels may have been used so they could increase text per square inch. What added to the disappointment is the fact you felt like you were walking through a subliminal marketing campaign for Lindt Chocolates.
In short... skip

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