Thursday, October 27, 2011

Currywurst and Gluwien

Last weekend we stayed in town, and spent Saturday wandering around the beautiful street markets. We bought some cheese :D
We also had our first encounter (s) with Currywurst and Gluwein. Gluwein is a hot, mulled wine served only when it is winter. We were searching for winter coats, and feeling the cold! But oh how yummy and warming is a glass of Glewein in the market!? It was lovely.

And then we had Currywurst. This is a classic Berlin speciality, and Owen has been very excited about trying it. Here it is: A bratwurst cut up into bit sized pieces, some kind of seasoned tomato sauce that isn't quite ketchup and not quite pasta sauce, and a good couple shakes of curry powder. Currywurst. Surprisingly delicious! 
The story goes that it was invented after the War, when rations in Berlin were short. One thing that the Germans were getting from the British airdrops was curry powder. So what does a Berliner do with curry powder? Put it on Bratwurst, of course! 


  1. Fun! But I don't think I'll try this recipe. I like the history behind it.

    Again, no photos showing. Bummer again.

  2. Mmmm... You'll have to make me some when I come over. ;)