Friday, October 7, 2011

The Great Laundry Saga

One piece of advice we got before embarking on this trip is to beware of the many challanges you will experience. Embrace them.
Well, time to embrace… laundry... We have a laundry machine in our Berlin apartment. This is fantastic as we don't have to deal with laundromats.
Our lovely little "Privileg Duo 721 Turbo" consists of 3 nobs, and a grid of 8 buttons. All of which is very much in German. During this whole saga we didn't have internet access to simply look up and translate any of it.
One dial is various random words for various programs none of which we have any idea what they do. The second knob is for U/Min. How many U's do we need for a load? I have NO idea. Do we need fast or slow U's? There is a temperature knob, which makes sense. Oh, forgot the 4th knob which is for the dryer. We spent 3 days putting the knobs in various positions, and pushing random combinations of buttons to try to get our cloths to clean and dry. Almost every time the machine would do a couple slow painful "whiiiiiiir....... whiiiiiir" and then have to recuperate for 2 minutes. Then do it all again. This of course goes on for 2+ hours even though we set the timer for 30min. NONE of the options or buttons engages any kind of drying mechanizum what so ever. At best we can get warm cloths which dry faster when we hang them all over our tiny apartment. Which by the way is cold because we can't figure out the 3 knob and 200+ (not exaggerating) dial switch thing that is our thermostat Oh and each radiator, that we assume are for heating, also have a knob and settings. Anyway... each time we do a load of laundry we use our trusty camera to snap of photo of the settings in case by some miracle we actually get clean AND dry cloths. For example:
So that's just laundry. Needless to say there are various challenges faced each and every day for things we don't even think about and take for granted when back in Canada.
We have since translated the knobs and figure out how to both clean and dry. Hooray! Off to the next challenge.


  1. So funny. Ah, culture - it's a crazy thing. Isn't the human race a wonderful thing? God must spend a lot of time laughing.

  2. Oh hahaha... I love stories like this, the simple things in life get so complicated! :) You should send the picture of the machine to Tobias and ask for a translation!