Thursday, October 6, 2011

In Berlin

We decided to over-night in Nurnberg on our way to Berlin, and were able to do a whirlwind tour of the remarkable city. We will do another post on Nurnberg seperately. I will say here, though, that the nicest part is that we left our backpacks and extras weight in lockers at the train station, and only took what we needed overnight. After travelling so heavy, it was a relief to only have small shoulder bags.

On the train we met a very nice elderly couple. They both had their PHds, hers in genetic biology and his in Communications. We felt very unrefined with them!

Berlin is big, and we feel very small. The train station is massive, and a little confusing.

But we made it to our apartment, where we a very nice German lady met us. We sadly don't speak German, and she didn't speak English, but she exuberantly showed us where everything is, how to take out the garbage, that the lights take a few minutes to warm up. 

We are very happy in our little apartment. It doesn't have internet, as we had wrongfully assumed, so that was stressful for a couple of days. 

But we have found our local grocery store, the fruit stand, library and figured out the transit system (sort of). And we have met the mail man. And have our little coffee shop. This is going to be a good life. 

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