Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Walk By Zurich

We arrived in Zurich a couple days ago. Since the time in our Berlin Apartment was up on the 15h and our skiing adventures don't start till the 20th we had a bit of time. So Zurich it is! Well, technically we are staying in Aeugst am Albis, a little town 50min by train. Feels very much like the Swiss version of Brentwood Bay.

Went for a walk after half a day of working. Having some data issues with ChatterBlock, and both Ashley and I were working. Once we got a good chunk of it done we headed out.
This is the view from our little B&B we are staying at. All this snow is very fresh. We arrived to a very green Switzerland, and overnight it snowed! What fun!
Ashley all happy with our Swiss designer house. We have a room very similar to the top one there with it's own balcony. LOVE the layout of the place, but would probably make it a bit more homey, and less designer. Wow, did I really just say that?
Wondering through the little town, is so much fun. Very fresh and clean running water. Really is amazing when the government puts such high value on the environment. Such a different feel from Germany, even though Germany is heading in the right direction. Really makes me realize just how much we are squandering in Canada. We can get away with it, just because we have so much!
Our mission was to find the small lake that was close by. This view through the trees was the first hint we are on the right path!
Taking the time to enjoy all the lovely trees, and snow, and wonderland we are now in.
Heading down the trail. The lake on our right, we are getting closer and closer.
Didn't bring the tri-pod but found a fence post that will work just as well. It's actually getting quite dark, but with a timed shutter and some lovely manual settings we get a lovely shot like this.
Another one pointing down the road we are traveling.
This is actually how dark it is getting. Just around the bend we found this other cute Swiss town in the distance all lit up.
Finally make it down to the lake. Although not after bush-waking through the snow and almost getting stuck in a swamp thing. Cupped some water in my hand and had a small drink. So very clean and fresh! Now I can say I've drunk from a clean Swiss lake on a snowy day. What a good break from a not so good half-day of work on a Sunday (the downside to this work remotely thing).


  1. What lovely photographs. We missed you this weekend, and I'm glad that you took the time out from work to enjoy the snowfall, the lake, and the walk.

  2. Those pictures are amazing Owen and Ashley. No snow in Victoria ... yet.
    Thanks for blogging your trip.