Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tropea Football

Our landlord Pasquale (pictured below with sunglasses) runs a local radio station. He was asked to sponsor a local football tournament. It is a memorial tournament for a boy at the age of 19 enjoyed free climbing the local cliffs. He fell quite a distance 13 years ago, and these tournaments, 8 teams, are put together every year in his memory. On our trip from the airport Pasquale invited us to come watch. So of course we went!
The pitch was sand, so the ball was pretty fast. If the game slowed down at all, spectators would toss fire crackers on the field. Not your namby pamby poppers. These were basically modified shotgun shells. This of course was mixed with yelling and italian arm movements.
At half time we wandered down to the local harbour and perused the boats.
You can see Tropea perched on the cliff overlooking the harbour. Our little apartment is in there somewhere, but one block in, so no ocean view.
Perching buildings is quite the thing here. This is apparently a very wonderful B&B to visit. Although for €500 a night I hope so.
The game was 1-1 and full time and after overtime so it went into shootouts.
The black team won and celebrated. Not a disney movie here, it's real life where the black team can win even after the drawn out shoot-out.
Pasquale presented the trophy to the winners. Everybody cheered!
Fireworks also set off. There were balloons and such too. All for a small local tournament. The italians really know how to celebrate, and celebrate they do!
Pasquale quick darted off as he was late for his New Years family party. What a great introduction to Italy!


  1. Happy New Year to my favorite world travelers!

  2. Happy New Year Owen and Ashley!! Such an inspiration.