Saturday, January 21, 2012

Baden Baden Evening

This post takes us once again back to Germany, Baden Baden.
We went out for dinner, and using some online reviews went to this place. The whole restaurant was built like a cave. Felt a little Spanish. They had a wonderful sitting room with fireplace and comfy seats to share a glass of something and talk long into the night
We sat not far from it along one of the walls. Lots of old farm equipment and such adorned the walls.
Keeping with the more rustic theme water jugs came in nice simple clay jugs. The low light, flowers, candle made for a nice romantic meal.
Looking back a good lesson learned is to take more pictures of food. We'll try to keep that up. We did manage to snap one of desert. Black Forest cake in the Black Forest. Touristy yes. Fitting yes. It was also served with home made ice-cream.
Ashley with her coffee is glowing. Enjoying the simple clay cups and rustic style of the restaurant. Traveling around is giving us so many ideas for what to do with a house if we ever get one. Although looking at house prices and what we can afford, I'm not sure it will ever happen. Still, we can dream.
A really neat idea was that the bill came in this lovely converted book. We thought of Mom Orr and our wedding rings coming in a book.
Opening it up you find your bill along with a recipe if you want it. Really nice presentation. We finished our yummy meal and went out walking.
Baden Baden is a spa town, and known for it's hot-springs. This is a naturally heated pool in one of the smaller town squares. To the left is the modern bath house we went to. Just to the right is the main church. We we went in and enjoyed the tail end of some pre-christmas chanting. Didn't take any pictures thinking it would be disrespectful.
Walking a little further into town's main square is this wonderful fountain. Loving the little Gorilla Pod we carry around along with a brilliantly designed shutter timer on the camera. It was quite dark in the town compared to Berlin, so couldn't free hold the camera to take pictures.
Clamped to a telephone pole I was able to take the side profile of the fountain.
This I believe was the Opera/Theatre House. Perhaps one day, like so many here, we'll roll back into town in our new BMW, wearing fur. We'll go for a soak in the bath. Have a multi course meal at one of the finner establishments. Then cap the day with evening wear and a trip here to finish stimulating all the senses.
Although between you and me, I think I prefer the simple life.

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  1. What a pretty little town. And what a fun restaurant you found - love the decor.

    The simple life is a good one.