Thursday, January 19, 2012

Catanzaro and La Castella

If you are searching the Internet for places to go and things to do in Calabria, it won't be long before you run across Cherrye and her website, My Bella Vita. Cherrye is THE travel expert for these parts - an American who now lives in Catanzaro with her Italian husband and beautiful bambino. Together they run a wonderful B&B called Il Cedro.
This is the view from outside our bedroom - notice the orange trees? Oh they smelled so nice!
Cherrye and Pepe invited us out for Pizza. Delicious real Italian pizza! I forgot to take pictures - it was so wonderful to have other people to chat and visit with. Then we went out for Gelato.
On Saturday we drove to La Castella. The myth goes that here is the castle described in the Odyssey, where Calypso help Odysseus prisoner for 7 years. It was actually built in the 1300's, but who's counting? By the time we made it to the Castle after strolling around the town a bit, it was just after 12. And they were closing. Drat. We would have to wait until 3 to get in. So we ranted about Italians for a minute, and then decided to explore the coast. 
Rocky beaches surround the tower, reminding us of the shoreline at home.

And then we had a long lunch, like good Italians. The food was actually not very good. We started with a seafood risotto.
And then had a salad and prawns.
But we could see the castle from our table (which was beautiful), and we could see when it reopened.

This was a defence castle, and nobody really lived here. But it has a beautiful tower (which I began redesigning). When I am filthy rich (har, har) I plan on buying this castle and remodeling. I think it will do.
This view will be wonderful...
And this is what I will see from my bedroom.
At the very top of the tower is a look out (which will of course become Hanging Gardens). The rocks and plaster had this amazing texture.
In short, the enter castle was inspiring to me.
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