Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Dinner

To start off, this post is generously sponsored by ChatterBlock. The wonderful company that is empowering us to have this grand adventure. Our bosses, James & Randy, have been so kind and flexible. They let us tour the world while keeping our full time jobs with them. What more could you ask for? Well, they provided more. They said "We are throwing a Christmas party here in Victoria, and we thought you might feel left out. So we decided to pick up the tab for a nice meal as a Christmas Present." WOW! Totally awesome! Thanks!
Even apart from all of that, both Ashley and I really love and believe in what we are building at ChatterBlock. There are so many wonderful things for your kids and family to do. It is our mission to uncover them all and allow you to discover and talk about them. Although we are having a great time abroad, a big part of us wants to be back home, so we can try out some of these things we are finding.
We spent Christmas in Jungfrau with OakHall ski trip. Since it was go go go and all meals were provided we decided it would be best to wait and do our dinner elsewhere. What better place then Paris? We set out strolling the evening streets along the river.
Paris really is quite beautiful at night. The "N" on the bridge is for Notre Dame as just off to the right is the cathedral itself. What a wonderful stroll to dinner.
We arrived at our destination, "Au Vieux Paris d'Arcole." It had a lot of good reviews, and we weren't disappointed when we found the facade wonderfully decorated.
Of course any fine meal is accompanied with wine. They let us go explore their cellar to find our choice of vintage. Ashley was really enjoying this and was happy with just about anything.
Owen of course inspected all the options to ensure the wine would well accompany the meal and ensure a wonderful orchestra of flavours would be conducted on our palates. That was at least what he was trying to convey as Owen really had no idea what he was doing.
Arriving at our table we feel like we have been placed in the middle of Moulin Rouge. A wonderful table with couch for Ashley to sprawl out on as she enjoys her meal. Although by a window we couldn't really see anything outside since it was night.
Deep red tapestries fill the ceiling. Statues of various french looking scenes were scattered around the room. On the other side of our divider a group of people from New York.
Although each table setting was quite different, each was lavishly decorated. Our waiter came and showed us through the menu. I had an idea of what was there with my broken grade school educated french. In the end we asked the chef to bring us whatever he thought would be good for a Parisan meal. Quite happy with this our waiter hurried off.
The first course arrived. Fried zucchini pancakes for us to share.
Second course was pâté. It was really nice having these small courses to enjoy. Europe is much more about quality of food over quantity.
A thinly sliced salmon with lemon juice, balsamic, and oil. I'm sure there is a fancy french term for it. I called it the French Sushi. It was quite yummy.
The main course came. I was handed chicken with a nice sauce. Carrots, potatoes, pickles, and squash on the side.
Ashley was given salmon with risotto rice on the side.
For desert a mix of creme fresh, cream, berries, and a sweet dough. All very yummy.
Very content with our meal and full of wine we very much enjoyed our Christmas meal. A big thank you again ChatterBlock!
Took a bit of a detour on the way home to see Notre Dame lit-up . Very pretty complete with blue Christmas Tree outside. Even though it was nearing the very end of December we managed to prolong Christmas a little bit longer.
Finally we walked down the street back to our hotel. A lovely stroll to help digest a wonderful meal.
Thank you again ChatterBlock and especially to our wonderful bosses James DeGreef and Randy Greencorn.

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  1. Oh, I LOVE this! Thank you for photographing the food. And the decor. And you guys at the restaurant. I'm smiling LARGE. What a delightful experience!

    Oh, about the N on the bridge. It was reconstructed during the Second Empire - and the N stands for Napoleon. Sorry.