Thursday, January 19, 2012


I have been taking Italian classes. For an hour every couple days, I walk across town to a small Italian Language school and meet up with Antonella. The walking to class may be my favorite part: I stroll past clusters of older Italian gentlemen and am greeted with "Ciao, bella!" and "Buongiorno!" I feel like I am strolling through the idyllic world from the first half of La Vita e Bella.

As for the Italian classes, we have yet to see if it will do more than just really mess up my Spanish! 

Last week, Antonella and Nicola (the school's director) wanted to make a big Italian lunch with Owen and me. The food here is UmUm GOOD!

We started with Onions, Tropea Onions (Cepolla). Fried in Olive Oil with Olives, Caper and a few tomatoes. 

Nicola brought the beautiful sun-dried tomatoes, preserved eggplant, and Bergamont Marmalade to try on Italian bread.
Antonella made this Tuna and Mashed Potato sounds different, but it was good!
And onion frittata (which Antonella said didn't turn out so well - Bruta) but was really yummy!

And for dessert we had chocolate balls made by Antonella, as well as the typical (but make it very hard to work for the rest of the day) Limoncello. That stuff is potent!
Every time we walk home this view beckons me to take a couple minutes at the view point. This is one of the great gifts of living on a cliff - these view points are insistent: "Come and open your eyes to the world around!" And so we take a minute or two (which is really no time at all) to be. Just to be. This is the Bella Vita.
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  1. Just lovely. And I'm frying the onions for the pasta as I write - I came to check what all was in this sauce. But now I'm going back to work.