Monday, January 2, 2012

A Last Day In Paris

A summary of our second and last full day in Paris.

We stroll around town looking for a place for breakfast. This little cafe with outdoor seating for prime people watching is great. Coffee, fresh bread, yogurt, OJ, and some eggs is more then the locals eat, but we've got a lot of walking through the Louvre to do.
All sorts of beautiful buildings are everywhere. Paris really has a lot of soul. With a city like this it is no wonder the French love beauty so very much. Not sure what this building is, but it was impressive.
The locks on bridges seems very present here in Paris as it was in Bavaria. This one bridge was covered with them on both sides.
Once we crossed over the bridge we made our way into the Louvre. After that epic place we wondered through the garden on our way to one of our sight seeing goals. A sunset walk through a Paris park. Life is good!
This ferris wheel marked the way to a French Christmas Market. We really enjoyed the ones in Germany, so we'll see how Paris stacks up.
Sausage is replaced with Crepes and Waffles. For the most part the Christmas market is quite similar. I don't remember if I asked for a waffle with cream or cream with a bit of waffle. By the picture the latter. Yummy!
The crowds in the market were considerably more then the most busy in Berlin. At times it was a bit crushing. Overall I'd say the Germans do Christmas Markets much better. The things in the stalls feels considerably more mass produced. Also going to the market for a meal doesn't really work. Only a fraction of the stalls serve food, and they pretty much all serve the same Crepes, and Waffles. No grazing here. No beautiful ornaments, or neat crafts. Feels much more like a department store's seasonal section in cookie cutter huts along the road.
I'm sure Ashley will be as furrowed brow at me for posting this as she was when I snapped it. But she is just so cute!
Found this neat light display near the end of the market drag.
We walked down the main street of paris, which is a massive shopping strip. Lots of stores where you can buy everything from clothing to cars. All quite expensive, and considering I blew all our money on transportation and hotels we didn't venture into any.
Finally we arrived at our destination, the "Arc de Triomphe"! There was a line up and tickets to go to the base of the monument which we passed. After a full day of walking through museums and around town are legs were jelly, completely spent. We did see one couple hop the fence and sprint, holding hands, across all 6 lanes of traffic. Ashley and I turned to each other and at the same time both said "that's so us!" We laughed and headed to the metro.
From a tip by our FatTire tour we went to a more local place for dinner. We were the only non-french in there. For starters we shared a pumpkin crumble.
Ashley had salmon with potatoes.
I had Beef Bourguignon which was their speciality. All of their food was so very yummy! A lot of the food we had in Paris the previous days was very disappointing. There is yummy food in Paris, just just gotta seek it out. Really the same of any place in the world.
Desert was Clafoutis. Yummy. Made me think of desert with Lorrie.
This was the last of Paris. Good note to leave on. We leave our hotel at 5:30am the next morning. Au revoir Paris!

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  1. What a fantastic "Accidental romantic trip" to Paris! haha. :)