Thursday, January 5, 2012


When we looked into this apartment in Tropea we asked about laundry. His reply was "oh, you can just send it away with mine no problem." Great that should be easy. Just gotta ensure we don't get too used to this luxury.

Neither Ashley or I have a lot of cloths as space is precious commodity. So down to a few pieces here and there we give our laundry to our landlord. "When will we get it back?" expecting to hear a response of "this afternoon" or maybe "tomorrow." Nope, remember this is Italy.

"Oh next Wednesday or Thursday probably" the landlord responded.

Huh, so I have to really rough it with some hand washing while I wait.

As I write this we got a call. Good news "Hey, it will be done for Saturday between 1:00 and 1:30 delivered to your door."

Wonderful I thought. A couple days roughing it won't be bad. Except that it will apparently cost €40 for the service! Calling back the landlord said that is basically the going rate here. Holy crap! Well, each place comes with it's own expenses and surprises. I admit that Italy is very quickly losing its charm. All show, with little substance. Great place to visit and explore, but wouldn't want to live here. That's why we are doing this trip though right?

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  1. Yikes, that's expensive laundry! You are certainly having a lot of varied experiences in the school of life, aren't you?