Monday, January 2, 2012

Louvre Part Deux

In order to deal with massiveness of the Louvre we decided to do a brisk walk only really stopping at things we planed to see, or things that really caught our interest.

After we dropped our coats off one of the first places we found was the "Americas" exhibit. Looks like the french took one of the Easter Island heads.
Something that I think is missed on a lot of visitors is the ceilings. This is one which was adorned with sculpture, paintings, and architecture. One could easily walk around just looking up and would have a great experience. Well, minus the big crink in the neck you'd get.
The size of the painting really take you a back. This is the "The Coronation of Napoleon" which is a massive 20ft x 32ft. Taking this picture was a nice check on the list of works we wanted to see.
When in Rome right? Thought about really going for it and also showing some cheek, but figured we should see most of the museum before attempting a stunt like that. Hmmm... now where can I borrow a spear and shield?
Winged Victory is a classic stop on the Louvre tour.
Venus de Milo, another beauty to see. Not quite as popular as Mona, but another big draw. What is amazing is that works like this start out as a block of stone. How something hard and cold gets transformed into this is beyond me. Although if you touch it, I'm sure it would still be cold. We didn't dare touch anything, save an alarm going off.
Oh, I should add that an alarm did go off while we toured the museum. "For everyone's saftey please leave the museum at the closest exit." Thinking "ah shoot, this means we'll miss a ton of stuff." However the staff for the most part didn't bat an eye. There was no rounding up of people, nor did anyone seem surprised. So we just kept wandering while sirens and loud speakers blared. The staff smiled as if this was a regular occurrence and to just ignore it. Guessing someone decided to touch something they weren't supposed to. Or who knows. Regardless we got a much more private experience as a result.

Something that is really interesting is how much the Louvre lends out to other museums. Every 3rd hall usually would have something lent out. Below you can see a room where they are preparing a number of statues for shipment. Wonder what the FedEx bill on that is?
Arguably one of the saddest things I saw was this boy. Works of the masters all around him, and he'd rather play with his hand held racing game. I watched as he semi followed his parents glued to this screen. Really makes you think.
To quote Ashley "If I were queen I think I'd need servants. I'm quite sure I would lose this. The next then you know I'd sit on it which would hurt my bum and bend the crown. So they'd have to ensure I don't lose this." Huh, good to know. So if we ever become the head of a monarchy we either a) need personal servants or b) need a more bulky crown. The things you learn when married.
We also started getting some home decorating ideas. What do you think of a possible fireplace?
Ashley really wanted to see Cupid. Lover's embrace. Wonder what she's thinking of here?
I smiled when I saw this. Very much reminded me of one very similar in the Butchart Italian Gardens.
Ashley admires an arch of something. By this time we are about 5 hours into our trip and going brain dead.
Another memory of Butchart Gardends! This boar was strikingly similar to the brass/copper one near the Blue Poppy Restaurant. Defiantly thinking of home and so many good memories.
Ashley found one of the staple paintings to describe the French Revolution. Viva La France! Seems very fitting in Paris.
Couldn't agree more with this woman's expression I captured. I could only capture about half of this case of Sarcophagi... Sarcophagum... Sarcophaguses... ? who knows... Anyway there were two of these cases filled with Mummy Boxes. Who knows how many aren't even on display. All beautifully decorated with hieroglyphics.
Arguably the funniest painting we found. I'm sure an art historian will tell me what each of these symbolizes. Kind of fun making up captions: "Oh not again! Every time I turn around, LION!"
We didn't find many sculptures, but this one was extremely detailed and quite interesting.
We started doing some more looking for house decorating ideas. Napoleon III's apartment seems to be a good inspiration. What do you think? Only problem is if Ashley got her crown it would be quite camouflaged and most certainly get bent.
Ashley likes the idea of throwing big dinner parties though. I think this would be a nice simple approach. The chandeliers really help to transition the rooms.
Once we're done with the meal could go have a nice read in the main reading chair. What was interesting here was the similarities to the oval office.
We'll finish with a frieze section. So many of these which were all masterfully crafted. I felt kind of bad just picking one at random to take a photo of. Really quite amazing what abundance does to value isn't it?
Well, that's it for the Louvre. In total we did the whole thing in a single day. Well, what was open to the public at least. Also stopped for a quick lunch and coffee in one of the cafes. So very glad we spent the day here. If I were to come back I'd love to take an art history class and get a long term pass to really study and admire these works. For now we must say "au revoir Louvre"

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