Saturday, January 7, 2012

St. Goar

Wow, can't believe that we didn't blog about St. Goar. This was one of our first outings from Berlin in mid October. We visited it right after Collogn and it's might cathedral.
Ashley said "Oh, St. Goar. I loved that place! It was probably my favourite place in Germany. Or maybe Nuremberg."
This was the view from our hotel window on the first morning. A fog had rolled in over the Rhine.
Later in the afternoon I took almost the same photo. The town is split in half by the river. Across the way you can see one of many castles that dotted the river.
St. Goar was such a nice break from big city Berlin. It's little streets and smiling faces, as smiling faces German's get, was a bit of a reminder of home.
The hotel balcony had little flower pots cared for. Although the plan was to have tea or something out here as we watched boats float by, we never got around to it.
Streets like many european streets are quite tight. It's no wonder large SUV like cars are pretty much nowhere in sight here. Just walking through town at sights like this and poking into the od shop was a wonderful way to spend a day.
Near the end of our time in St. Goar we opted for a river boat tour. Being in Germany we have to properly tour the Rhine river. What better way then by boat. We got on close to our hotel which is why this little castle is showing up again.
A view from the stern of the boat. We sat outside even though it was a bit chilly. Bundled up as much as we could (we didn't have our nice coats yet) and sipping wine/beer we tried to stay warm.
The Rhine valley is well known for its wine, especially white wine. Floating on down the river a number of vineyards could be seen along the banks.
Numerous castles could be seen, and often a little town with a church sat below it. The castles were built to collect tolls from the boats on the river. If you had the means you could build a castle and claim part of the river to collect tolls. Often during or after your castle had been built you would be attacked or sieged for a time. If you withstood the attack then nobody could appose you taking your toll. Apparently a number of people had the idea of taking a toll which is why so many castles sit along the river.
Boat after boat filled with whatever were constantly going up and down the river. Here a Dutch boat cruises by. The car on the back there is the family car. The boat doubles as the house for the captain and his family. With the changing times, these family owned and operated boats are becoming less and less. Large shipping companies who operate a fleet of vessels do more and more of the shipping as it is more economical.
Ashley ponders which castle she would rather live in. Or perhaps live in one, and turn the other into a studio / workspace. Or perhaps still she is coming up with an idea of how these castles were built by waring brothers fight over some fair maden. I think that's typically how these things happen isn't it?
On the other side we can see the castle and little town that goes just below this castle.
Overall St. Goar was a wonderful town of friendly people with small charm. We got to explore the Rhine, taste the local grape juice, and experience yet another different part of the vastness that is Germany.


  1. Fun! I'm glad you put this up.

  2. I was in St.Goar when I was in Europe oh-so-many years ago :p It's nice to see familiar places on your blog! Although Salzburg and Prague were my favourite cities. Are you going to either one?