Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tropea Food

Something that wasn't so great about Germany was the food. Italy on the other hand is a wonderful place for food. Last night we went back to the restaurant were we got the invite to new years dinner. Figured in this small town it would be good to patron their restaurant again before exploring more of what Tropea has to offer.
Since the Friday was Epiphany (Epifania in Italian) their full menu wasn't available. Even still with a limited selection I think we did very well. We split a antipasta which was a selection of beautiful cured meat, some local cheese, artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes, some fried thingies, and most drizzled in olive oil.
We each got a pizza since this was the only menu available. Italian pizza is much more "basic" then what you get back in Canada. The crust is pretty cooked before hand, a few toppings are added, a little bit of cheese, and that's about it. Quite a different beast then what we get back home, but also quite good.
Feeling very happy in my new Italian sweater. It's been cold and I've been really enjoying have the extra layer. Big thanks to Ashley for pushing me to get it. I've always had trouble spending any reasonable amount of money on cloths.
Fast forward to today. We went on a walk close to the beach for quite a ways. Once we turned back and strolled back into "new" town we stumbled upon a little Italian bakery. A display case full of bite sized pastries and other yummies. The place smelled lovely.
What was interesting is that you buy these treats by the kilo. The lady in front of us got a cafeteria sized tray full of these for €14. We opted for a smaller amount. We took these back home and sampled a couple. SO good.
On the way back I bought some prosciutto. Taking the rest of the figs we had wrapped them up and baked them in our little gas oven. More yummy food! Ashley started making a lasagna but quickly stopped as we were quite full with our snack of the day. Lots of great food, but we defiantly don't eat like Italians. Meh. We can still love their food.

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  1. More yummy food! I love the dried fig/prosciutto idea. And the antipasto platter looks so good. And the pastries. Can I come for dinner?

    Oh, and the sweater looks good on you, Owen!