Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome To Tropea - Part 2

If you haven't read Part 1 you should do that before reading this post.
This is the famous view at the end of main street historic centre. A young boy on his bike ponders. What? I'm not sure exactly. Many locals and tourists a like come and view over this railing, often daily.
Once at the edge you are granted a beautiful view of the beech below.
To the left a monastery perched on top of a little, almost, island.
The vastness is a wonder. No little gulf islands dotting the scenery. This looks right up to the ankle of Italy, although even on a clear day I can't see land straight out from the view. I imagine sailors of old who would fear sailing out past the horizon. Fear of never returning.
Looking back up we can see main street and the famous Gelati store on the left.
We'll travel through some back roads enroute to our apartment.
Of course we have to stop at the obligatory canon at another lookout point. The graffiti in this place is really sad. This is an actual 16th century canon being desecrated. Sad.
Another view spot looks down on the near by marina. Ashley and I thought about trying to rent a sail boat. Thinking we could get ourselves into a lot of trouble really quickly, and not really knowing that much about sailing we decided against it. Still a beautiful view.
This is the front door to our apartment. Well, technically it's to the palazzo which contains a number of apartments. The large building used to be home to a single family. With servants of course.
Going around the side our neighbour is a 12th century normal cathedral.
The bells go off at 7am, noon, and 7pm. A really nice alarm clock if you ask me. The honking of cars closer to 8am isn't so nice, but ensures we are out of bed and not being lazy.
This is the street that leeds to the back door and the way into our little place.
Our back door and tower. Ashley always wanted a tower on our home. Now we have one! We are confined to the first floor though so no exploring.
Our iron door which is a good 5 inches thick is a heavy beast to open. Thank goodness we only have to open a chunk of it.
And there I must leave you. Right now we are heading out for pizza with some locals. A tour of the inside will come soon. Ciao!

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  1. What? You can't go in by the big entrance doors to the palazzo? Still, these doors are pretty impressive, too.