Monday, January 2, 2012

Why Paris?

Was Paris on the list of places to stop and see? To be honest, nope. We thought that if Ashley's parents come over we'll probably end up there so we'll go see other places on our own. It's quite funny how the things you don't really plan create some of the best memories.

Once we were done in Jungfrau with our ski trip we had 4 days to wait until we could take possession of our apartment. The first thought was to spend it in Basel Switzerland. Just find a hotel with internet and recover from the go-go-go of the ski trip. The people on the trip said that Basel would be really boring. Why not go a little further and stay in France since it's so close. Remembering how accessible Baden Bade was even though it was clear across Germany I started looking into Paris. Why not right?

I found a pretty good deal on a Hotel then waited on the confirm page so I could look at some other things needed to go to Paris for a few days. 20 minutes into looking I get an email "Your Hotel Booking is no confirmed, thank you!" Oh crap! Huh... I guess we are going to Paris. I then spent the rest of the afternoon frantically planning a train trip there (which I also snagged a sweet deal on First Class) and a flight back to catch our plane to Tropea. When it was all said and done I had put a nice $1,200 CDN dent in our pocket book. Woops. Although my very understanding wife said "Owen, you're telling me you 'accidentally' booked us a romantic trip to Paris? How could any sane woman possibly be mad at that?!" So off we went.

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