Friday, January 13, 2012

Working On The Train

One of the really neat things about our work setup, is just how very flexible it is. The picture was taken when we were heading from Berlin to Baden-Baden via train. That little white thing sticking out the side of my laptop is a O2 surf stick. It allows both Ashley and I to be on the net while we are passing through a city or stopped at a station. During that time our emails and everything syncs up and we are good to go until the next stop. Being a little smart about saving up the non internet required work means that we can work on the train, travel for a bunch of hours, and not lose a day of work or of travel.
Not sure what your office view is like, but mine is an ever changing view of the German countryside. Not too shabby of I do say so myself. Just need to be a bit smart about picking the right car so you can score one of these desk setups which usually comes with power.

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