Saturday, February 25, 2012

Berlin around Christmas Time

This was from a random outing in Germany. Although a lot of the city is pretty boring grey, we did find these more colorful apartments. Ashley really wanted to live in them.
Thought this was brilliant for a tree stand. A cable ties the 5 hinged metal pieces together. Then a foot stand is used to tighten it. Put the tree in, step on the peddle, done!
Going into a shop we find lots of classic coo-coo clocks. So very german!
Also some lovely steins. I'm so very glad I got one for myself while in Berlin.
We then headed to a mall just to take in some of the Christmas shopping madness that was going on.
Although this mall comes with an angle playing a harp. No that isn't a staged prop. That is a real musician playing a real harp for mall guests, dressed as an angle.
Had some fun with the camera on the escalator.
Next stop, arguably the worlds ugliest Christmas Tree. So very Berlin. It is made out recycled all sorts of stuff. Apparently it also belches fire at set times.
Great photo of Ashley here. Brought in the stage fan to get that nice hair effect and everything.
Also find a really big lit up german twirly gig. Kind of wishing it was fire powered like the small ones you buy, but I think it was an electric motor. Those german's are so conservative sometimes.
More fun times in the Christmas market.
We then popped into the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. It was, like everything, bombed badly during WWII. There were parts of it that remained and were eventually restored. This was a wonderful ceiling mosaic.
Some other really nice paintings on the wall.
And one of the saved statues.
Another mosaic. This one on the floor.
In place of where most of the Kaiser church was berlin has built the modern church. We were fortunate enough to catch the tail end of the choir practicing for the christmas concert.
The church is really beautiful, even though it looks nothing like any of the other churches we've been in.
Really quite stunning. Also very Berlin feeling.
Headed back, and cut through another Christmas Market. I found this place cooking meat on a very large open fire. Thinking this would be great to do back home for a backyard BBQ party!

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