Thursday, February 23, 2012

Berlin Zoo

Again going back to Berlin, but I am quite determined to get all our adventure days posted. Might take me till the end of 2013 to do it, but I'll do it!

The Zoo in Berlin was really quite amazing. Animals from all over the world all very easily accessible. I've always had mixed feelings about Zoos. On one hand it seems cruel to keep these majestic creatures in confined spaces. Yet on the other, how much knowledge and appreciation for these animals is gained by doing so.

Seeing a Gorilla face to face really makes you take notice of the strength some of these beasts have. He wasn't bending bars or doing anything like that. He was quite docile in fact. Yet you could tell there was a huge amount of strength under that fir.
Giraffe were very cool. Thought of my dad telling me they have purple tongues. Didn't get a chance to get a look.
Hippos were just fun. There was a whole family of them in this part. 3 more didn't make it into this shot.
Rhino was really cool to see. Nature's version of a tank.
A petting zoo was also there. This goat seemed to really like me. Always following me around. Got less fun when he started to head butt me with those horns.
A huge bird menagerie was also really interesting. Hawks, ducks, all kinds of feathered friends. Even a roadrunner!
More birds of the not so flying variety. Watching the Penguins was really quite fun.

I think the big cats were the biggest experience for me.
The lion especially. Very much felt the presence of a great lion that is talked about in books like Narnia. His massive paws, and utter presence. Very memorable.
Not sure what classification Panda's are. They are really quite cute though.
And that concludes our trip to the Berlin Zoo!


  1. Brilliant! Ashley posing with the Panda, and Owen posing with the Lion. :D

  2. Marc and I loved the berlin zoo! I am really enjoying reading your blog and your adventures. Must admit a bit envious too. How is work going abroad?