Saturday, February 11, 2012

Berliner Dome

This post goes back to Berlin, and a trip to on of their greatest churches there, the Berliner Dome. This was one of the massive side doors. Would love to have that as a front door to our house wherever we settle. The detail in the metal is really wonderful.
Once inside the rooms are really quite lavish. Beautiful marble columns, flowing staircases, and all the rest. For all the flack Germans get for being all engineering and no soul, I must say that this Cathedral is pretty easy on the eyes.
Looking down from one of the balconies you can see the alter and main congregation.
A bit to the left is the massive organ mounted on the side of the wall. Random thought that just occurred to me. Do they build these big organs in anywhere else but churches? Never seen one in a castle or palace, unless it was inside their private church. Hmmm...
Looking up we can see the light catching and filling the dome.
The artwork is simply amazing. Very baroque and all that apparently.
We headed outside to tour around. Lots of wonderful views, even the back side of statues.
Had some fun with this one contrasting the Soviet TV Tower with an angle from the church looking out.
You get a really nice view of Berlin from the top of the dome. For all the snow we are currently having in Rome, Berlin is looking pretty warm and comfy.
Ashley caught me taking a picture of her looking out over the city.
This is looking down on the courtyard in front of the church. Normally full of tourists, the off season makes it pretty bare.
Heading back into the church we went through the main floor. This is looking at the main alter, and the thingy that goes over it. I'm sure there is a name for it.
Gotta do the typical holding camera self portrait thingy.
Looking up at the Organ from the pew.
I always like these for some reason. The thingies they sometimes preach from I think. Unless someone knows what else they are used for or called. Let me know.
A little touristy, but hey, it makes for a fun photo. I was told once to not worry about getting the best photo of places. If you want those, buy a postcard. When you travel, ensure you put yourself in the photos as much as you can. Makes sense to me.
We headed below the church to check out there crypt. They have coffins from all sorts of people. Kings, lords, bishops, kids...
It was interesting seeing all the different styles of coffins. These were metal ones. Again feeling ignorant. I'm sure there is some word for the era or style of coffins.
Looking at the dome from the courtyard. It really is quite stunning. Gotta get the token TV Tower in the background.
And once more for good measure ;-)

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  1. Looks like an impressive church! BTW, the largest organ in the world was built for a department store. Look up the Wanamaker Organ if you are interested. I have my dad to thank for that bit of trivia:)