Saturday, February 11, 2012

Care Package

This was a wonderful care package we received from Mom & Dad Orr. Still brings a huge smile seeing the pictures of receiving and opening this. Don't think I traveled on my own enough as this was the first care package I ever received. For Ashley it was also her first. So we ensured we photographed the experience.
One of the best parts is the bubble wrap. Not sure why it brings such joy so easily.
But I defiantly played with it for a while. All that popping is just so satisfying.
Opening it up we found all kinds of prizes! M&M candy, Canadian pine bows, Cheezies, packages, and all kinds of things.
Ashley was in complete giddy bliss. Coffee, comfy bed, warmth, and a bed of presents from people we love. A very bright spot in our time in Berlin.

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