Friday, February 24, 2012

Christmas Markets!

Christmas Markets was one of the big things we looked forward to about our time in Germany. Although Bethlehem gave us the foundation for Christmas, Germany arguably gave birth to the modern day glits of Christmas. Yet, despite all the plastic and flashing lights in much of modern Christmas, Germany still holds on tight to a lot of that old charm.
Sure, now a days a lot of these are made in China, you ca still find many hand made in Germany. This was one of the bigger stalls selling Christmas trinkets. You feel like a bull in a china shop not nocking anything over from the overflowing shelves and tables. So very pretty though!
This particular market was in Alexander Platz, but on our side of the train station. There is a much bigger one on the other side. Still Ashley is enjoying the crowds despite the cold.
One of the best ways to deal with the old is with a steaming hot cup of gluvine, hot mulled red wine. These German men are chatting it up enjoying their's while Ashley goes to get us some.
Venturing over the tracks to the other larger market in Alexander Platz we are greeted by some pretty typical rides: merry-go-round and one of the spinning chairs from a chain thingy. I'm sure there is a German word for it. I'm also sure it is just as long.
With the German engineering they constructed a torus ice-ring around the fountain. Couple euros for a skate, and a few more for rentals. Not sure if you could take you gluvine with you or not.
Ashley happy with some Christmas shopping.
Also finding some pony rides. Christmas here is much more family oriented. Lots of parents with their kids in the markets. Many want to ride a pony, although I think in some cases it's more for the parents and the photo op.
A little train is also there if you prefer the iron horse.

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