Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dead Mac

Last night my laptop took a slight tumble off the couch. Managed to break its fall with a quick reaction of the foot. Picked it up, no scratches, no dents, everything running fine. Not long after, was talking with mom and dad MR on Skype, looked up weather in Istanbul, then everything went kind of funny. Computer eventually locked up.

Restarted the computer to get this. The dreaded "no" symbol instead of the friendly Apple logo.
Tried many things. Booting from CD, recovery HD, even my Windows partition. Nothing.

Found an Apple service dealer here in Rome and took it in. Turns out the HD completely died. Made a lovely ticking sound when trying to read data from it. Totally fried. The bump caused a mechanical failure in the hard drive. €140 later I had a new hard drive and thankfully things are back up and running.

Downside is the backup I thought I had, wasn't actually in place. With our slow spotty internet connections I never fully setup a proper backup. Good news is that all the photos were all nicely backed up. Possibly lost one day of photos, but I think we've got everything.

So the blog might be a bit delayed in the updates while I get fully back on my feet.

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  1. Awe, what a bummer. Hey save your pennies, maybe get a snappy new macbook air? :D