Friday, February 24, 2012

Istanbul Food Tour - Part 1

Something fantastic about Istanbul is the food. Ashley had a wonderful idea of going on a food tour. This was run through Istanbul Eats. Was a great way to get an intro to the food here. You can also really tell food is a massive part of the culture. Every block has at least one place to eat. The grocery stores are wonderful, produce stands everywhere, and very little low quality food in sight.
We got a bit lost which made us slightly late in getting to our 9:30am start. However we were greeted by a classic Turkish breakfast. This was no Italian espresso and cornetti. Nope. Eggs & sausage both done Turkish style. The best part was bread with honey and Calmik. Not sure of the spelling. It was somewhere between butter and whipping cream. Very yummy. Tea is obviously served with all this. Forgot to take the pictures before we ate it all.
Next up was like Baklava, but not. It is the same pastry, but bot soaked in sugar or honey. The cake looking one is soaked in water and some egg added. A sort of morning lasagna.
Some the just baked, we add powdered sugar to. On the left there are a couple stuffed with potato, some with spinach, others with minced meat, and another with egg. Any day with two breakfasts is a good day!
We carry on down the road to a pickling shop. Everything you can think of is pickled here.
Anything they could get into a jar was pickled. We had a very hot pepper. Our guide hands us a glass with some pink liquid to drink. Great, a sweet drink to cut the heat. Not so much. These people will drink some of the pickling juice. So we were left with a hot and briny taste.
Going a bit further we found this really fun sign!
Lots of odds and ends. So many wonderful trinkets. Sapped a photo of the address to head back there some other time.
More streets and alleys to stroll through while we let our two breakfasts settle.
Some really wonderful graffiti.
Made our way back to ─░stiklal the main street.
Which took us to this sweet shop. Lots of yummies.
We had chocolate smothered bread things. Weren't really told what it was. It was really yummy!
Cakes and logs were also sold. So a nice break from the briny spicy taste. Yum!
Heading into the side streets we start running into the fish shops and all kinds of produce. The food here is amazing! You don't really have to seek these markets out. Every 5 blocks or so you'll run into something.
Strolling down the back streets with lots of vegetables and such on either side.
Found a spice shop. By Canadian standards these prices are fantastic. Our guide said these prices are too high. Huh. Oh, also learned that you are allowed to try any food before buying. So don't be afraid to ask.
Took another break from food and went to the Armenian church.
Our guide got us some candles, which we lit. Although he is an atheist, he really appreciates the places of worship.
Very beautiful church.
Well, that's the limit of photo that Picasa will post. So will follow up with part 2.

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