Saturday, February 25, 2012

Istanbul Food Tour - Part 3

After lunch we got do dig out our desert. On the left is a quince which is boiled in sugar. In the centre is pistachio baklava. To the right is a turkish cake. Both on the left and right are topped with Calmic cream. All very yummy.
Once we were done with an extended lunch, off to coffee. The bull standing in the cup signifies how thick the turkish coffee is, and thus how good it is.
So some fantastic turkish coffee.
This of course is paired with some pudding. Made with rice and milk primarily. Has some spices mixed in, and topped with cinnamon. There is a secret ingredient to this turkish variant of rice pudding. Chicken! They cook it, then shred it and mix it all together. You could serve this to a vegetarian and they'd have no idea! Mwahaha.
The fellow who ran the coffee shop was fantastic. He reminded me very much of the boiler man in the movie "Spirited away." The way he made coffee and tea and moved so smoothly was fantastic to watch.
So with all that, and our stomaches turned upside down and all around. What a day!

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  1. Wow, what a fantastic food tour. And how adventurous you guys are! Love the photos.