Thursday, February 23, 2012

Istanbul Ho

Well, off we go to Istanbul! We've been here a few days, but being late I don't have time to post some of our adventures here.

On the plan Ashley is sure excited about our adventures.
Had a weee bit of a mixup though. Ashley's ticket was printed with the wrong name. Didn't realize this until we tried to clear customs. Customs was a bit stressful because technically we didn't have a return ticket from Turkey. Picking up our boarding pass brought up all kinds of warnings on their screen. We do have a flight back home, but that leaves out of London. Either way, we had no proof that we would leave on us. Once security refused us, we rushed back to the ticket office and got proper boarding passes.
The flight was really quite good. First serving of yummy Turkish food on the airplane.
These two shots are of Turkey from far above.
When landing in Turkey their clearing customs was a gong show. All we could figure out is that we had to do something with our passports, and something with getting a VISA but had no idea how. We found signs saying "Israel residents only." So we waited through one line, to be diverted to another lineup. Once there that was also the wrong line up. Ashley was almost in tears for all of this. Finally we found the little kiosk to buy the travel visa. Once we had that we reentered the lineup for the passport clearance, and finally let into the country. By the time we got to our luggage they were the only two left on the carousal, all alone.

Took a taxi to where we are staying, and after the airport things improved dramatically. Hope to get more up soon.

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