Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rome Day 1

Welcome to Rome! This isn't the Rome you're used to with sun soaked stones, summer dresses, and gelato.
This is the Rome with ice, snow, and touques. True it's much colder then it usually is. On the positive there are a lot less people seeing the sites.
The above two photos and this one is of San Giovanni. We got slightly lost when we first stumbled upon this. Rome is overflowing with sites like this. Really you have no idea how important something is. It could be a lesser site which isn't even mentioned in the guide books. Keep in mind, that is only because it is dwarfed by all that is here. If you are an interesting Church you have to compete with St. Peter's Basilica, and this one, San Giovanni which is known as the first church in Christendom.
Rome loves its obelisks. Seems that ever nation is obsessed with the powerful nations of the past. Rome looked to Egypt. Napoleon looked to Rome. Hitler looked to Rome and Napoleon. Still, fairly interesting.
We decided on our first day out that we would try our luck at the Colosseum. This is the view as you get off the bus on the far side.
Yeah, it's that big. This thing is massive! It was by far the biggest man made structure in its day.
There were holes that riddled the building. We aren't totally sure what they are from. They are too big for bullet holes. Also the WWII people were smart enough to not fight in Rome itself for fear of destroying all these wonderful sites.
The Colosseum was closed though, due to snow. Wonder how many visitors had to deal with that! Could still nab a few photos here and there peering through the gates.
Although a lot of the area was cleared of snow, I tried to snap some photos that captured the snow and ice around the Colosseum.
In the same plazza was the Arch of Constantine. Before this trip I knew of the one in France, the Arc de Triomphe. I thought this was the only one. Perhaps another one that few really knows about. Titanic has the sister ship Olympic, and there is also a reproduction in Vegas I'm sure. Nope, these Arch seemed to be in Vogue. If you had a victory and no arch, you just weren't cool.
Gotta take our classic holding camera out self portrait. Rome is known for its thieves, especially around big tourist attractions. Protect those pockets!
Found another fun shot with snow and the Colosseum.
This was the nearby Forum which was also closed due to snow.
Yep, more snow and ice.
We ended up hiking the nearby trail to see where it went.
It ended at this nice church at the top of the hill. Not really sure its significance. We were enjoying just seeing the sites and wandering without our book and academic load. Either way it was a nice way to warm up.
Heading back down the icy trail. We enjoyed seeing locals and tourists alike slip and slide on this ice-rink that was the path.
Leaving the Colosseum I turned around to get the classic angle. Cutting it off slightly to get some more snow in the photo.
Behind me is old Rome. Pretty neat. We decided to make our way to the statue thingies just behind me on top of the white building. Sure we aren't learning as much without our guide book, but sure having a lot of fun.
With this post I'll leave you with a final shot of the forum as the sun goes down. Sure we can't get in, but the snow and sunset sure make for a great photo.

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  1. You're right. This is not how I picture Rome - I always thinking of it as hot and sunny. But seeing the photos with the snow make me realize that winter comes to Italy, too.