Friday, February 10, 2012

Tropea Part 3

I have once again let the ball drop on the blogging. The last week in Tropea was filled with lots and lots of planning. We now have our places for Istanbul and Spain booked. We also found a place in Rome which is where we currently are. Also figuring out transportation between all of these. Very much makes sense why people can spend up to 8 hours for every 1 hour of travel. Arriving in Rome we know some of the epic sites, but that is about it. This whole trip is by the seat of our pants. TripAdvisor is a wonderful tool to help us.

Anyway, last time I left you was just outside our apartment door. Once you entre you are greeted by this 1721 courtyard. You are actually looking at the reverse side of the front door. Yes, that is our laundry on the left side. That saga continued right up until we left. A very beautiful, and cold, courtyard to our place

I'll head up the right staircase. Looking back you can view up into the open air design.

This was the view from this sitting area. Since we had the whole place to ourselves we could freely use this whenever we wanted. In the summer there are 5 other apartment units rented out. I would sometimes come out here to read or work. Again because of the cold I didn't very often, but once in a while it was nice for a chance of scenery. A glass of wine or limoncello helped to stave off the cold too.

Heading back to the courtyard and straight across you come to our apartment's front door.

This leads into a hallway. A common computer that guests could use, as well as books in various languages are available. I totally forgot to take pictures of inside our apartment. Woops. So these next couple photos I pulled from the owner's website.

More of the hallway, and more books. Looking ahead are two doors to two other apartments. Our door is directly behind me, but looks exactly the same. Our door as you face it, and the 4th apartment on this side to your right. This section of the piazzo back in the day (16th century) was for the house servants. Not as much fancy artwork on the walls or decorative trimmings.

Heading into our apartment we find our tiny, and cozy place. The table was used for dinner, or Ashley and I working on it.

Turning around we can see the fridge and the other side of the room. Like I said, cozy :)

This was our kitchen, kind of. Really wishing I took photos. Anyway. This is the kitchen from another apartment. So imagine instead of that big table, our little table. Also take away all those wonderful cupboards. Oh, and shrink the room to the above photos. Again, cozy but fun. Cooking with gas was really nice. Different and a bit to get used to, but I really like it.

Heading up stairs to our loft we find our nice little bedroom.

We also had a bathroom with a really nice shower. On the left side you can just make out a lip, which is a full sized seat. Nice for a relaxing sit down shower... or for scrubbing your cloths. I digress.

All italian, european for that matter, have a bidet. Used it a couple times. Bit strange. Hey, it's cultural right?

Back to some of the pictures I actually took. Below I'm fully setup with my travel office, and Ashley is on the stairs in her little office. This quickly became our default setup. Doesn't she look oh so adorable? Perhaps Ashley was a cat in a past life.

Yep, defiantly happy. Had to work on your posture working on the stairs, but overall it was quite ergonomic. Using the one upstairs bathroom was made more difficult as you had to vault Ashley's office each time. It became a bit of a running joke though.

This is my full office setup on the table. Having the computer stand to get the laptop screen up to eye level is huge. The secondary full keyboard and mouse make it feel like a desktop setup. Oh and our little Toshiba monitors are wonderful. All I need is a single power outlet, which can be from any country btw, and I'm good to go!

That's all from Tropea. Ciao!

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