Friday, March 2, 2012

An Interesting Morning

Normal day in Istanbul. We get up, do our morning thing, and commute to work. Morning is mostly normal with some nice Turkish tea. Oh, I should blog about that. Anyway... Late afternoon rolls around, and so do 3 buses.
These buses aren't filled with school kids. Nope, they are filled with police officers. Not just any police officers. Machine gun toting officers. The 3 loads of em. Wanted to take more pictures, but have been warned many times about taking pictures of police, government buildings, and these sort of things. So snuck these ones.
Our theory is that the local stadium was putting on a football (soccer) game. Although Turkey is a democratic nation, the strong hand of the government isn't very far away. So what happened while you were at the office?

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  1. oh my - why didn't I hear about THIS on Skype? But you know, I'm not really worried. We saw this kind of thing in Ecuador, too. But it adds a certain spice to the normal office routine when you can look out the window to see such sights.