Friday, March 2, 2012

Working At Brandenburg Gate

This is something we should do more of. We packed up our computers and headed to Brandenburg Gate to work.
Possibly one of the biggest icons of Berlin. It was a former city gate, originally built as a peace offering, it was eventually turned into a victory arch.

There were a handful of people offering photo ops for a few euros. So we thought what the heck.
Getting the odd tourist shot is a good thing I reckon.
I went with the more classic shot. Ashley did the steam punk route with this odd fellow.
Found a classic bike with the gate in the background, couldn't resist that shot.
While we were working in the local coffee shop an ad-lib drama group came by. This was so very Berlin which made me smile.
Some of the fellow StarBucks patrons looks a little dazed and confused.
This was our front and centre view.
Worked for a little while longer until it started to hail/snow. What a great day.
Not a bad day at the office eh? Hooray for ChatterBlock!
Heading back home found another Bugatti Veyron.
After Wolfsburg this was the second one I got to see close up.
Found another random statue, and called it a day.

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