Friday, April 20, 2012

Another Turkish Mall

This mall was a wee bit more modern and impressive then the other one. The Kanyon mall is the main centre of the Skyscrapper part of Istanbul. What is interesting, as compared to say Vancouver, there really isn't many skyscrappers here. Nothing like walking downtown Vancouver and having glass towers everywhere. Istanbul is more a constant 4-7 story building everywhere.

The architecture, and its name, are going for a Grand Canyon feelings.

Lots of swooping large curves made it really beautiful to walk thorugh. Very different from the rest of Istanbul we have seen.

This star studded ceiling was probably 5-7 stories above ground. Would have been really impressive at night.

Not quite Nom-nom but pretty close. So of course we have to go and eat here. Felt very much like the Turkish version of Red Robin. I broke down and ordered a burger. It came with Bacon! In a muslim country, that is saying something.

A lot cleaner and more open compared to the rest of Istanbul. It was a very welcome change.

Almost anything with any wealth attached to it has decent amount of security. Metal detectors, guards, and the whole bit to get into stuff like this.

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