Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bosphorus Cruise

We kept reading that taking a short cruise down the Bosphorus River is a wonderful way to spend a day in Istanbul. Lots of sites to see. So off we went!
Above is the last palace built by the Ottoman Empire before WWI. Massive loans were taken out to build it.
Ashley enjoying some Turkish tea in the standard glass.
The Turk's love their flag. Bigger the better!
This is the Bosphorus Bridge which connect Asia and Europe.
I'm sure there is some great metaphor that would go along with this.
The river is incredibly busy with all kinds of ships.
Another nice random flag with Bosphorus bridge shot.
I think that is the Military school.
Ashley taking a photo of yours truly.
Getting close to the second bridge. You can actually start to see land amongst the buildings.
Perhaps the next place Ashley and I should stay.
A fortress near the second bridge and about as far as the 10 TL cruise will take us. This fortress and the one on the other-side controlled all traffic on the river for many a year.
Lots of cargo and other ships use this trading lane even today. And all day long.
It got cold so we went inside downstairs.
Could still get some nice photos through the window.
The inside of the boat.
And finishing with some more Turkish Tea.

That kind of felt a little like writing a children's book.

The End

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  1. You forgot to start with "Once Upon a Time"....

    Do either of you ever look bad in photos?