Sunday, April 22, 2012

Granada Walk About

Since we aren't working on Friday's we decided to take a bit of a stroll and see where it put us. The Mirador de San Nicolas seemed like a good starting point. It is the highest part of the Albayzin, where we are staying.

Must say the view of Grenada from up there was really quite striking.

So was the girl I found up there with her yellow jacket and red pants. She let me take her picture.

For whatever reason Segways are all the rage for tours. Every single major place we have been to has a Segway tour. They looked kind of funny, so I couldn't help but snap a shot.

Carrying on with our walk, we found this really nice park. Although it had a distinct 4:20 smell to it.

Lots of hippies, free living, and general laid back living which are coming to realize is such a big part of Grenada. In someways it feels like laid back west coast home.

Going further up, we found the real Mirador de San Nicolas which has a fantastic view of the Alambra. Behind it on the left is a snow covered mountain, the Sierra Nevada. It is Europe's most southern ski resort, as well as Spain's highest peak. Ashley got all excited about skiing again.

Could get a good view of the easter section of Grenada at the foot of the Alambra

Using our Istanbul skills we spotted some umbrellas on a terrace. Thinking we could get a great view with a small meal, we headed there. Yep, great meal, and good food. Sipping sangria, while eating croquets, looking over the Alhambra and Grenada. Yep, good Friday afternoon.

Neat little garden of the house just below us. I was curious how much stuff they get tossed in their yard from restaurant goers.

Once done with food we headed down the little streets of the Albaicin...

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