Sunday, April 1, 2012

Resturant With A View

Started out the day with some ski lessons. This was Ashley's class.
Took a break and had lunch at one of the nice chalet. What a wonderful view. Mountains all around us, a mug of beer, and some good swiss food. A good vacation! Although... this isn't the view that I'm talking about.
We start our adventure near where we had lunch (pictured above). Keep in mind that it took a mountain train and two very long cable cars to get us this high. We then board another cable car and keep going up.
On top is an altimeter which climbs and climbs and climbs as you go up. It takes 3 cable cars to finally get to the restaurant we are heading for.
This is the view of the second to last cable car. Yes you can ski down from here if you really want to (ski lift on the right). That little building at the top of the hill in the distance is our destination.
Nearing the top you can see where we came from. That little shack on top of the closest mountain.
Finally we get to our destination. 2,970m above sea level. The Piz Gloria. It was made more famous for use in the bond movie: On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Lots of bond paraphernalia around you could buy if you really wanted.
So we ordered a mixed cheese and meat plate.
And enjoyed the view. Top of Europe indeed.
The whole restaurant revolves.
So in the time it took me to enjoy a Whisky you could see all around you. Yep, Whisky. I preferred to act the part of the bond villain rather than the hero. Villain's seems to have way more fun.
Although I was only in a T-Shirt it was still incredibly cold out at that altitude.
Which made for some crystal clear views.
We stayed up to enjoy one of the best sunsets we've ever had.
As we watched the sun go down. If there wasn't that cloud layer you can actually see the sun go down on 4 countries (Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and France).
We headed back down the cable cars. Was thinking of Dad MR and how much he loves heights like this. Especially in a glass cable car.
Getting close to the upper village it felt like we were back on earth. Even though we never left the ground, and we still have two cable cars more to go before we get back to our hotel.
So down down down we go.
Another wonderful day, and easily one of the beset views from a restaurant I will ever have.

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