Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Ski Goal Achieved

On this day Ashley and I both played hooky from our ski classes. Perhaps this fur clad swiss woman knew as she wasn't very approving. Perhaps it was just the swiss manner. Regardless I thought it made for a great photo.
Another great photo, but this time with a much better looking subject. Don't those swiss houses and ski villages look great?
You'll notice two demeanors in this photo. One is Swiss, the other is Canadian. See if you can spot each one.
Anyway, more spectacular views from the train.
These are the trains that make most of the journey up the hill. Notice between the tracks the ruffled snow. This is because there are gear teeth the entire length of the track. A large gear on the train does most of the work to haul the train up, or slow it on the way down. Due to the inclines and ice using just regular tracks simply wouldn't work.
Finally we arrive at the top of our run. The first part of our goal begins: To Ski Down The Mountain Together!
Gotta have a few shots in our full ski outfits.
A lot of the skiing was without the camera and apart, so gotta make the most of it. K Ashley, your turn.
The run was simply stunning. It was like skiing through Narnia after the white queen. The look on Ashley's face seems to approve.
We finally make it to the second half of our goal. One of the restaurants on the lower part of the mountain.
They serve wonderful swiss hot chocolate with homemade apple fritters in a gooey white sauce. The ski runs here are incredibly long, about double the length of Whistler. So a sit and warm up and snack was very much in order.
So we skied together and got to our apple fritters. Mission Accomplished!

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  1. What great posts! I loved reading more about your time in Switzerland. Truly a Christmas you will never forget.

    We missed you today and are looking forward to seeing you in June.