Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Turkish Football

I think going to a football game is one of the big highlights for me of this trip. So much energy and fun, plus really feeling part of the culture. The stadium is literally right outside our front door, so not going just seemed a crime.

Had a bit of trouble figuring out how to get tickets though. As the Turks take their football very seriously, a bus full of police rolls up for the game. So we simply waited until the next police bus showed up, then found out where to buy tickets.

The game itself wasn't anything fantastic. Pretty rough and quite physical. Felt more like watching hockey then football. Yet with my Kasimpasa scarf borrowed from the flat, I was good to go.

Although it was assigned seats, everybody sat where they wanted. The crowd totally got into things. They cheered the entire time. And I mean the entire time.

We both got really into it. The local boys thought it was hilarious that these local Canadians would come watch their amateur game. Welcomed with open arms we cheered em on. Really quite certain the fans cared more about the cheering, playing music, and everything much more then the game itself. Going into the stadium anything you could throw: coins, water bottle, anything had to be given in. Yet about 5 rows behind us an entire band was setup. Saxaphone, large drums, horns, everything. They were going at it for most of the game.

Part way through it started to hail. Kind of cold, but it just made everyone cheer more to stay warm.

A few turks took their turn at leading the cheers. These stands which I think were originally intended for video and camera crews made nice stands for people to spur the crowd on.

The riot police were there in full force as usual. Turns out they don't just stand around. When the home team scored, most of the stands emptied down to the field. As far as I could tell in the commotion everyone was trying to high-five the guy who scored. So random.

Ashley in her yellow jacket was the only woman in the entire place as far as we could tell. We saw one 9 year old girl there with her dad, and that was about it. Ashley, not the biggest sports fan, had a wonderful time.

Oh, and now that we have decent Internet in Grenada I can actually start posting some videos!

Forgot to mention. At the end of the tied game, some people weren't too happy so a mini riot broke out.

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