Friday, April 20, 2012

Wondering Around after Istanbul Modern

After Istanbul Modern we wandered around for a while. Ashley was checking out the local sea life down by the shore.

Nate, had another idea. Although we concluded that a wet, and soon after cold, Ashley would not be very fun.

Took the Istiklal tram back. Beate on the left Nate on the right.

Ashley enjoying hanging out the trolly as we rolled down the busy street.

The Friday Night get together with the church is on the 5th floor of a building on Istiklal. Took the opportunity to snap some shots of the city at night.

This is Galata tower all lit up. Seeing the mosques in the distance shining like jewels really gives this city its charm.

Once done there, we headed for our last stop of the day, wine bar.

If you are ever in Istanbul Solera is a wonderful place to drink a good glass of wine with a couple pairings.

Good times had by all with some good friends.

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