Saturday, May 5, 2012

Alhambra - Part 1

Today we finally went to see the Alhambra, which we look out on almost every day.

Mom also joined us, which was wonderful. It was so neat seeing her get all excited about this. New life is breathed into our trip.

Everything was so intricately decorated. All of the walls has such wonderful carvings from the Koran.

Room after room of intricate designs, carvings, and colour. Many photographs were taken for Ashley's design inspiration book.

What really sets the Alhambra apart from other palaces we've been in is the integration with gardens. A lot of the rooms have wonderful gardens, or shrubs, or something as part of them.

These tiles are quite unique in the muslim world. They bear the name of Allah, which is unusual for floor tiles. As such nobody has walked on them since the 15th century when they were laid. In all of the Muslim world, these are the only tiles like it.

Water is the other thing. Beautiful reflections are created and a real calming feeling is created.

Pretty excited to be traveling with mom.

Again, wonderful gardens are everywhere.

Being in Turkey for a bit I could explain to a few other people wondering what this space looking thing is. It is the Hamam, or bath, that was part of the palace. The glass is added to keep temperatures consistent, and water out. Before they would just be open holes to allow some of the steam to escape.

Wonderful little stairs with tiles inlaid into the wood. Idea for our home wherever we settle?

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