Saturday, May 5, 2012

Alhambra - Part 2

After going through much of the buildings we started to wander through the gardens we could only look out on before. Wonderful fountains are found in nearly all of them.

This large water feature was used by people of long ago to bath under the moon light. Yeah, I think I could get used to that. Pool could use a good cleaning though.

This church used to be a mosque. Although I guess nobody wins since now it is mostly a museum.

Touring the Alhambra in the morning is wonderful as there are far fewer people. Got to have a fun photo in the middle of King George III's palace. Very renaissance as it is a circle courtyard built inside of a square building.

Climbing to the top of the Alhambra we could see out all over Granada. What a wonderful city.

Packed some bread, cheese, grapes, and other yummy snacks. Had a rest stop under a tree in one of the many many gardens. 

We then carried on to the Generalife, which are a number of gardens. Again, so many water features which I absolutely love.

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