Saturday, May 5, 2012

Alhambra - Part 3

This Sycamore tree has seen better days, but was around when Washington Irving lived here in 1829. What sites this tree would have seen when many sultans and other royals of past were courting fair maidens in this courtyard.

Always in Grenada you climb higher and higher on her many hills. Yet she is a fair lady since she always rewards you with stunning views.

In all this opulence we ensured we stopped to smell the roses.

This was the water stairs. All around the edges are little rivers flowing with water. In the center of these 5 circle terraces is a fountain flowing with more water.

Finally leaving the Alhambra we start to get more wooded feel.

On top of this modern building used to support the staff at the Alhambra was a wonderful green roof to disguise it. Perhaps more inspiration for our home?

Totally exhausted after 5 hours of walking we had a yummy late lunch.

Street performers came buy to serenade us randomly.

So we ordered a small desert, and called it a good Alhambra day!


  1. Sad that your photo links are broken in this and the previous post. Not sure if you'll get around to fixing them, but I'm glad you guys are having a great time!

  2. I also could not open your photos for this segment of your blog. Happy you are having a wonderful time.