Thursday, May 17, 2012

Flamenco in Granada

Last set of blogs from Granada didn't go so well. We'll try again. It's just as much work posting something new as it is to fix the other ones, so I'll just keep going. Hopefully get around to fixing the Alhambra photos.

That same night after going through the Alhambra we got a recommendation from Ulrike (the women who's house we are staying at) to go to this place for Flamenco.

The place is done up completely like the old Gypsy caves.

Lots of great lighting and nooks and crannies. Ashley was getting all kinds of ideas for how to design our future home.

They had a number of sections where people were sitting for the show. It was great because it gave a much more intimate feel while still accommodating a lot of people.

One thing that I learned is that Flamenco actually got most of its roots in Granada, and more specifically in the Albaicin where we are. That's what they say. I'm sure many try to claim the title, but for our trip we'll take it.

At around 10:00pm the Flamenco started up. The dance is like no other I've seen. Most dances focus on grace and elegance. Floating over the floor, in that sort of princess fairytale way. Flamenco had another beauty to it.

The singer was singing a very sad song. Ashley loosely translated it to a song about losing a very good friend or loved one.

This girl, from Argentina, is only 14 years old and could Flamenco with the best of them. Very impressive.

Another round of singing.

The beauty of Flamenco isn't the grace and floating of a smooth waltz. Instead it is the beauty of passion and of real life. You could tell that this dance was born out of hard times and downcast people. The floor stomping, clapping, singing all had a real fire in it.

The woman moved with grace, but you also know they'd beat you into a pulp if you crossed them.

Although Flamenco dancing isn't just for the ladies. He put on quite the show.

Guitar solos by a Flamenco guitarist is really something to behold. Fast fast hands.

The final act was done by the ring leader himself. Quite the character and a gypsy himself. He did a number which got Ashley completely confused. Something about loving wine, lettuce came into it at one point, and he was calling out a couple select women in the audience. Entertaining if not confusing.

Getting close to midnight when we left. We strolled back to our house.
A wonderful evening of Flamenco in one of our last nights in Granada.

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